Silent Watcher

„Silent Watcher“ is not just an EP, it’s a musical journey that takes you back to the roots of Nemoreus. As a Folk Metal group, we draw our inspiration from the depths of the forest, where nature and music intertwine to tell stories. Released right after winning the „Wacken Metal Battle“ contest, „Silent Watcher“ is a celebration of our passion for music and the natural world.

Each track on the EP tells a different story, weaving together elements of folklore and traditional instruments with modern Metal sounds. You’ll be transported to ancient times where myths and legends come to life, and the spirits of the forest dance to our melodies.

From the haunting melodies of „Abyss“ to the epic tales of „Dance of the Fallen“ each track on „Silent Watcher“ captures the essence of our band’s unique sound. So, if you’re ready to embark on a musical journey through the forest and into the heart of Folk Metal, join us on this adventure and experience the magic of „Silent Watcher.“

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Abyss4:05show me the lyrics!
Conserve3:24show me the lyrics!
Andro2:21show me the lyrics!
Dance of the Fallen3:38show me the lyrics!
Wolfpack3:22show me the lyrics!