„Arnea“ is an epic debut album that will transport you to a dark fantasy world full of mystical creatures, demons, ancient forests, and haunting melodies.

As a Folk Metal band, our music is inspired by traditional folk instruments such as violin, flutes, and tin whistle, which are beautifully interwoven with heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums.

Each track on the album tells a story that will leave you mesmerized, whether it’s the epic tale of the warriors of „Mountain High“ or the tragic ballad of the woods „Eluna“. Our music has been praised by metal magazines such as „Lagacy“, „Metal Hammer“, and „Slam Alternative Music Magazine“, and our track „Mountain High“ even earned us a nomination for the „88.6 Rot-Weiss-Rock Stage“. So come and join us on a journey through the enchanted forest and experience the magic of „Arnea“.


Solitude2:12show me the lyrics!
Arnea3:55show me the lyrics!
Eluna4:19show me the lyrics!
Your Honor will Prevail3:17show me the lyrics!
The Watcher’s Gift3:57show me the lyrics!
Des Berges Spitze4:54show me the lyrics!
The Miller2:47show me the lyrics!
Mountain High2:37show me the lyrics!
Mondmaid4:15show me the lyrics!
Pain3:51show me the lyrics!
Bring the Demons to the Hall2:30show me the lyrics!
Sucus Nemoreus6:19show me the lyrics!